Treksphere Sponsored Content

treksphere sponsored content

In our quest to grow our fan-produced content, Treksphere is proud to sponsor fan-made content. 

Since 2016 we have sponsored five different types of content ranging from Podcasts to YouTube creators. 

On this page, you will find links to our sponsored content creators and their content. 

Truth OR Myth?

Truth OR Myth? Is a YouTube Web Series Created and Hosted by David Klawitter of TriAngulum Audio Studios.

Started at the End of March 2018, Truth OR Myth tackles some of the tough questions that have plagued Star Trek Fans since it’s debut in 1966.

Truth OR Myth is TriAngulum Audio Studios Web Series that you can follow on YouTube! and sponsored by


ContinuumTrek is a Star Trek based Youtube channel created by Marc Henly and sponsored by

The Channel ContinuumTrek was started at the end of February 2019. Covering mainly theories of what was,is, could have been, what still could be and why???

I started ContinuumTrek as I enjoyed many other YouTube channels based on this excellent franchise and decided to present my own thoughts and theories. Although my channel is heavily theory based , I will be soon covering reviews, more breakdowns and Star Trek news. So follow me through the Continuum as we explore where no one has gone before.

German Trekkie

Hey, I am German Trekkie,

A creator from Germany (obviously). I am a huge Science Fiction fan, but I also really enjoy real Science. I think it is the most interesting thing in our days because we still don’t know a lot of stuff about us, our own planet and of course the final frontiers SPACE.

I started off with my channel in early 2015 and have been creating Trek content since mid-2016. On my channel, you can find mainly Bridge Commander but also stuff like Lore Breakdowns which not necessarily focus on just Trek. Also, I plan on running a SciFi crossover series called SciFi.


The Final Frontier Podcast hosted by Bill Allen & Adam Mullen, TFF Podcast was started in October 2017

Our mission to provide listeners with an inside look into the world of Star Trek fan productions and much more

The Final Frontier is a Trek Sphere Podcast and you can listen to this podcast on YouTube, Google Music and iTunes!

Treksphere LIVE

Treksphere LIVE is our LIVE podcast that covers all aspects of Star Trek. 

Hosted by members of the Trekpshere Team we discuss the Star Trek Fandom in all its glory. 

You can find us on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.