TEX-TREK – Deep Space Nine – S3 Retrospective Pt2

TEX-TREK – Deep Space Nine – S3 Retrospective Pt2

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We finally come to an end of our voyage through DEEP SPACE NINE’s third season, the first time for Dave and 47th time for Fatheree.

As we bring the season to a close we witness some thrilling espionage action in the “Improbable Cause”/“The Die is Cast” two-parter which sees the Cardassians and Romulans attack the Founders Homeworld with devastating consequences.

(CBS) “Visionary”

Things get timey wimey in season 3’s O’Brien’s must suffer episode “Visionary” Poor O’Brien never seems to catch a break… Ben and Jake Sisko do some father/son bonding in “Explorers.”

Love it or hate it, there are Ferengi laughs to be had in “Prophet Motive” and “Family Business.” Oh! And those three ominous words that end the season with a gut punch, “We are everywhere.” in the season finale “The Adversary

Simply put, Deep Space Nines third season is action-packed and is really the turning point of the show and the start of a rollercoaster ride until the end…

As always, available in both video and audio-only formats.

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