Rise Of The Tribbles Producers Commentary

In the second episode of “Uncool Trekkie”

Adam Mullen of The Final Frontier podcast,  Joins Vance Major, to discuss their thoughts on the small time fan production “Rise Of The Tribbles”  that leads into the Lexington Adventures fan production.



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Vance Owen

Vance hosts, Uncool Trekkie. Vance Major has maintained his YouTube account for years, recently for his fan films. He hosted the small time "convention" at Starbase Studios called the Promenade-acon, as well as drawn the cover of the book VAMPIRE SYNDROME. He's dabbled in a great many things and looks forward to working with Treksphere and just having fun again Uncool Trekkie is a collective of things, ranging from reviews, insights of fan films, but mostly just the ramblings of a fat man.