Star Trek is not only a TV series but it is also a cultural phenomenon, this ground-breaking series has lasted for over half a century, spanning 6 live action TV shows, 13 movies, an animated show and immeasurable amounts of books, comics and other Star Trek branded commodities.

We at Treksphere.com have the aim to bring you as much news and information about “Official Star Trek” as possible and in addition, we plan Just like our predecessor site Trekfanproductions.com to celebrate all things related to Star Trek as well as its Fan Productions.

This includes but is not restricted to.
• Fan Series
• Fan Films
• Podcasts
• Blogs
• Fan Fiction
• Fan Art
• And, so much more.

It is our hope to not only carry on covering all things fan related but to also branch off in new directions and cover more and more of this remarkable world we call Star Trek, and this website is only the first step in what we are sure will be a fascinating journey.

If you have interested in helping us or have any suggestions on adding content to this site then please feel free to contact us at contact@treksphere.com