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About Treksphere.com

Treksphere.com was launched in 2016 under its original name Trekfanproductions.com, in its first year we extensively covered fan productions of all shapes and sizes, building a reputation as the go-to place for honest info and interviews relating to the Star Trek fan productions world.

After our first year, we rebranded and expanded into covering all aspects of Star Trek. Treksphere.com has the aim to bring you as much news and information about “Official Star Trek” as possible and in addition, we plan Just like our predecessor site Trekfanproductions.com to celebrate all things related to Star Trek as well as its Fan Productions.

Since we launched 2016 we have given the fans of Star Trek the great opportunity to write a guest article for our site.

The greatest thing about Treksphere is even though the site has its own dedicated team which covers all aspects of official Star Trek, Star Trek Fan Productions and more, the main idea of the site has always been that the main bulk of its content is produced by the fans for the fans and the Guest Author Articles is a great way to allow the fans a voice.


About The Final Frontier Podcast

The Final Frontier Podcast hosted by Bill Allen & Adam Mullen, TFF Podcast was started in October 2017

Our mission to provide listeners with an inside look into the world of Star Trek fan productions and much more

The Final Frontier is a Trek Sphere Podcast and you can listen to this podcast on YouTube, Google Music and iTunes!


About Truth or Myth

Truth OR Myth? Is a YouTube Web Series Created and Hosted by David Klawitter of TriAngulum Audio Studios.

Started at the End of March 2018, Truth OR Myth tackles some of the tough questions that have plagued Star Trek Fans since its debut in 1966.

Truth OR Myth is TriAngulum Audio Studios Web Series that you can follow on YouTube! and sponsored by Treksphere.com


About Treksphere LIVE

Treksphere Live will bring you LIVE discussions about all things Star Trek related, and we will be dispelling some of these mad rumours that seem to be going round regarding Discovery and the various new series heading our way over the next 18 months. 

We will also be taking a look at the weekly Star Trek news.



If you have interested in helping us or have any suggestions on adding content to this site then please feel free to contact us at contact@treksphere.com