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About Us

Treksphere is a Star Trek based website with the aim is to bring you as much news and information about “Official Star Trek” as possible while honouring our team’s real-life commitments, which means we might not be the first to break the news but across our website and our social media accounts, we will always report the latest Star Trek news whenever possible.

Treksphere.com was launched in 2016 under its original name Trekfanproductions.com, in its first year we extensively covered fan productions of all shapes and sizes, building a reputation as the go-to place for honest info and interviews relating to all Star Trek fan productions, in October 2016 we rebranded our site and expanded our horizons.

Since 2016 we have established a reputation for promoting fan-produced content through our “Guest Author Articles” and our “Sponsored” fan-made content.


Treksphere has a Commitment to Credibility with everything we do… We do not and will never deal in rumours and we will never cite rumours as facts, furthermore, we will never sponsor anyone who would act in this manner.

We aim to cover as much of the historic Star Trek Universe as possible in as many ways as possible, across our website and social media platforms we have a vast following and this allows us to keep the fans as up to date as possible.

Along with our website, we sponsor various fan-created productions ranging from Podcasts to YouTube channels which cover all aspects of the Star Trek world, this allows us to promote the voices of many fans from all backgrounds.

We are also the only Star Trek fan website that allows the fans to write for us and express your love of Star Trek in any way you want to without limitations.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the ONLY fan website that allows anyone to pitch articles to us…

Since we launched 2016, we have given the fans of Star Trek the great opportunity to write guest articles for our site and never turn down fans who want to get involved in this crazy world we call Trek.

And we have no intention of stopping now, in fact, we actively seek out fans to participate in Trekspheres future.

Our motto is… BY FANS, FOR FANS


If you want to know more or you are simply curious about Treksphere and what we do then please feel free to contact us or better yet follow us on our various social media accounts. 



Business Inquiries

If you are interested in having your product previewed or reviewed or you are interested in advertising on Treksphere, then please send an email to our editor, James Hams At: James.hams@treksphere.com

If the matter is urgent please contact us via our email address: Contact@treksphere.co.uk


If the matter relates to one of our sponsored productions, we ask you to contact them directly.

Just click the button below to see their contact information.