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We are always on the lookout for interesting articles based on this awesome series, as such we offer anyone the chance to write a guest blog for Treksphere. 

The greatest thing about Treksphere is even though the site covers all aspects of official Star Trek, Trek Fan Productions and more, the main idea of the site is the content on it is produced by the fans for the fans and guest author blogs is an extension to this idea, as it gets the fans directly involved in the site’s content.

With Guest Author blogs you can write about anything within the Star Trek universe that is of interest to you, so that could mean you blog about your favourite Trek series, a favourite book or even your favourite Trek actor, there really are endless potential as to what the subject could be.

So it is up to you all you need to do is come up with a topic of choice and then write about it, The word count is up to you but please keep it less than 10.000 words per blog due to reader interest, any media used needs to either be public domain or come with links to where you found it for copyright reasons and the blog must be family friendly and ideally non-political or religious, as these subjects tend to divide and not bring people together.

The best bit is there is no open or closed window we are always on the lookout for Guest Authors, this means even if you do not have the time at the moment, we will never turn you away.


For examples of what you could write about, check out the links below. 

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