Star Trek Around Comic-Con – Part Two – SDCC Exclusives Continued

The countdown to SDCC 2019 continues and so does our rundown of what to expect and where to find some great SDCC exclusives. 

As we mentioned in part one, CBS has a whole load of exclusive content heading your way and the most exciting of it all is the 90-minute panel featuring not one but three of the shows. 

But Comic-Con is not just about the panels and talks it is a great chance to grab some Comic-Con swag, So what else can you find at SDCC2019?

Hallmark – (Booth #2913-T and 1505)
(CBS/Hallmark) I.S.S. Enterprise Keepsake Ornament inspired by the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror.”

As an SDCC 2019 exclusive, Hallmark will offer an I.S.S. Enterprise Keepsake Ornament inspired by the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror.” The Mirror Universe’s flagship of the Terran Empire is a repainted version of a sculpt first offered in 2016, and it now features sound from the episode. The ornament is priced at $40, based on a limited production run of 3,475 pieces. And, as always, Hallmark will make their mark with a galaxy of Star Trek-themed Keepsake Ornaments. This year, be on the lookout for Star Trek: Discovery Commander Saru and Michael Burnham Ornament With Sound, Star Trek: The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 40th Anniversary Ornament With Light, and Star Trek Tribble Fabric Ornament With Sound and Motion. Hallmark also plans to display their Keepsake Transporter Tabletop ornament and will be displaying and selling the itty bitty Star Trek Collector Set, Picard and Worf in Enterprise Set, Data, Geordi, Captain Kirk Mirror Mirror, Spock Mirror Mirror, Vina, Kirk and Khan, and Janeway and Seven Set.

You can find all Hallmarks SDCC exclusives at this link

Icon Heroes – (Booth #3345)
(CBS/ Icon Heroes) Picard FacePalm Paperweight & Emperor Georgiou Terran Empire Dagger Letter Opener

Fans who love Icon Heroes’ Trek statue paperweights, bookends, cardholders and especially the Klingon D’k Tahg Letter Opener are in for an SDCC exclusive treat: an Emperor Georgiou Terran Empire Dagger Letter Opener. The Picard Paperweight is a must-buy!!

You can find a complete list of Icon Heroes SDCC exclusives at this link

IDW Publishing – (Booth #2729)
(CBS/IDW) Exclusive Star Trek Comic-Con Covers

If Trek comic books are your thing, IDW’s booth is the place to be. Exclusives include Star Trek: Year Five #1 with a Greg Hildebrandt Negative Virgin variant cover (limited to 500 copies; $10 each); Star Trek vs. Transformers trade paperback with a Derek Charm variant cover (only 250 copies; $20 each); and a Star Trek: Year Five promotional poster by Greg Hildebrandt. IDW will also have available a wide array of their most popular Trek comics for sale, including The City on the Edge of Forever, Mirror Broken and Discovery trade paperbacks.

IDW Also have a range of panels and talks that are scheduled through out the week, we will be covering all Trek-themed panels and talks in another article so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

You can find all IDW Comic-Con exclusives at this link

Insight Editions/Weldon Owens – (Booth #3721)
(CBS) IncrediBuilds Star Trek Enterprise books

The IncrediBuilds Star Trek Enterprise books and 3D wood model kits are laser-cut wooden assembly kits and in-universe guidebooks to the two most well-known Trek starships, the original Enterprise and Galaxy-class Enterprise-D.

Not only do you get the amazing wooden model kit, but you also get a full-colour book with facts and trivia on the most iconic starships in history. If you visit the Insight Editions booth throughout the weekend, but you can also buy one at a 20% discount.

Rubie’s – (Booth #4049)
(CBS/Rubies) Saru Mask – SDCC Reveal

Rubie’s will help you get your Trek on with their large selection of Discovery, Beyond, The Original Series, and The Next Generation costumes.

You can find a complete list of Rubie’s Star Trek costumes at this link

And become everyones favourite Kelpian at SDCC Rubie’s will reveal their Saru mask (priced at $45).

QMX – (Booth #4145)
(CBS/QMX) Captain Picard 1/6 figure

Be it the Captain Picard 1/6 figure ($179.95), TOS Captain’s Chair ($129.95), Discovery badges ($14.95 each), a Mirror Universe badge ($14.95) and a Klingon badge ($14.95).  QMX has a vast arrange of Star Trek themed merch ready and waiting for you at this years Comic-Con.

Simon & Schuster – (Booth #1128)
(CBS/Simon & Schuster) Star Trek: The Next Generation — Warped

Like every year Simon & Schuster will be bringing along lots of their Star Trek books. and will at 9:30 am on July 19th hold a Twitter flash giveaway of John Jackson Miller’s upcoming novel, Star Trek: Discovery  The Enterprise War, as well as other Star Trek swag.

Along with their flash give away you can meet author Mike McMahan on Saturday, July 20th between 5-6pm at the Simon & Schuster booth where he will be signing copies of his book, Star Trek: The Next Generation — Warped

And Lastly…

ThinkGeek – (Booth #3349)
(CBS/ThinkGeek) The End

Sad news for anyone who loves geeky goods and top-notch April Fools’ jokes:, the 20-year-old online retailer known for selling more geek-centric gadgets and peripherals has closed and to be merged with Gamestop.

To Commemorate “The End” you can nap this 3-pin set, which commemorates Star Trek finales and features TOS’s 50th, TNG’s 25th, and DS9’s 20th. Each set is numbered and will retail for $25.

(CBS/ThinkGeek) Mego Mr Spock Multi-Pack 8″ Mego Action Figure

Along with the pin set, you can also grab their SDCC exclusive a Mego Mr Spock Multi-Pack 8″ Mego Action Figure, with a limited run and availability, priced at $40

So this completes part two of what will be available at Comic-Con this year, in part three, we will run down all the panels, talks and signings happening in and around Comic-Con 2019.

If you know of any Star Trek themed merch you know will be available at Comic-Con this year then please comment below with the booth number and details of what it is…