Episode Review: Star Trek: DS9 “DUET”


“DUET” is a Quintessential DS9 issue-oriented episode that is very riveting and brilliantly characterised with some very good performances.

The Plot does mainly centres around a Cardassian named “Marritza” who does happen to arrive at the station as a passenger on a passing ship. Kira does promptly arrests him for a being a war criminal and throw him in a cell on the station. You see, he has a medical condition that he could only have acquired at a Bajoran Labor Camp named Gallitep during the occupation of Bajor by Cardassia. This labour camp was also the site of horrific Bajoran treatment at the hands of Cardassian atrocities.

As Major Kira and the Bajoran are concerned any Cardassian at Gallitep is guilty as charged. But a number of clues that don’t add up at all- Kira begins a search for the truth behind at Gallitep during the occupation of Bajor. The resulting dialogue between Major Kira and the Cardassian pulls no punches in either content or on delivery too. The evidence does indicate that “Maritza” is really Gul Darheel, the man who did actually really ran Gallitep and made it him a mission to terrorise ”Bajoran scum.” Suddenly Kira does finds herself face to face with one of the most hates Cardassian, Bajor has ever known.


Nana Visitor does deliver one of the powerhouses, emotional performance in entries seven-run of DS9. Even better is Harris Yulin”s turn as Darheel, whose absolute tour de force display of acting being menacing, downright evil Cardassian frightening to live, with such lines as “ What you called a genocide, I call a day’s work”! Odo”s subsequent investigations of the Cardassian”s identity brings Dukat most hates Cardassian in the entries seven-run of DS9 into the plot with a great deal of sensibility.

It does turn that Darheel is really “Marritza” posing as the Cardassian Criminal (who has been dead for years) trying to martyr himself so the Cardassian Government will be forced to acknowledge its guilt for everything it did to the Bajoran people during occupation of Bajor – a very moving display of self-sacrifice for the sake of progress on all ends.  “DUET” is all substance, completely, engrossing in its conveyance, and it also features a very sad and tragic ending.

I think. “DUET” is one of the good episodes of season one of DS9. I rated it four half stars often. It’s one of the best moments in the entire season one of DS9.




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