Brent Spiner On His Return as Data

After the panel this weekend at Comic-Con the cast of Star Trek: Picard did the usual press interviews, among the various questions regarding the new series, there were many questions that focused on the return of Data.

For many years Brent Spiner has always stated he is too old to play Data and it is unlikely he would never return to that role, so you can imagine the fans went crazy when the trailer for Picard was shown and right at the end we saw the man himself (albeit with the help of some CGI) playing the role of Data. 

In a selection of after panel interviews Brent was asked why he came back, is this Data we see or B4 and what to expect…

(CBS) Data – “Star Trek: Picard”

In an interview with IGN Spiner was asked if the evolution of Data would continue as this was always a focal point on Data’s journey to becoming more human had this to say:

“Erm, I would say no, I do not think he evolves on this show, as you say Data died, and he is in the show but I do not want you to think he is in every episode, he is in the show, what you think happens is not what happens, you will see.”

In another post-panel interview with ET Spiner was asked, “Is Data disassembled, is that what we see” to which Spiner replied:

“I do not think that is what you see exactly”

the host continued “but you are back

“I am back but I can not tell you anything.”

The post-panel interviews continued this time with Entertainment Weekly

When interviewing the cast, Spiner was asked “you have been sitting on a bit of a secret” 

“Yes, Yes I have, and I am going to continue to sit on it”

Obviously, Spiner is not going to give away anything until we see him on screen.

(Paramount) Data & B4 – “Star Trek: Nemesis”

However, A lot of fans have been asking whether or not he will be playing Data or B4, as with Data being dead and B4 holding his memories, which in the movie Nemesis we saw at the end starting to remember his brother’s memories it is reasonable to speculate that who we see in the trailer is B4, and not Data.

Well in this article Tv Line has confirmed that he will be playing Data and Not B4.

So it remains to be seen exactly how they bring back this fan favourite, the leading guess is that we see him with his old captain in a holographic recreation playing cards.

Star Trek: Picard releases in early 2020 on CBS All Access in the United States, on Space in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video throughout the rest of the world.

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