Episode 14 Sneak Peek, Shazad Latif talks Voq & James Frain On Sarek


Star Trek Discovery actor Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) appeared this morning on KTLA 5 Morning News, to talk about how “Star Trek” is Innovative with Diversity, along with discussing how Star Trek has always been on the forefront of diversity we were treated to a sneak peek of episode 14,

Watch the full interview below, the episode 14 snippet starts at 2:13


CBS released an official synopsis of episode 14

Back on the U.S.S. Discovery, Burnham and the crew are faced with the harsh reality of the war during their absence. In order to move forward, Starfleet must use unconventional tactics and sources to take their next action against the Klingons.

Below are some stills from Episode 14

Along with Martin-Greens appearance on KTLA 5 Morning News, over at Entertainment Weekly showrunners, Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Halberts tease us with some info about what to expect on the last few episodes of Season 1.


“Now back in the Prime Universe, the final two episodes of the season will be a race against the clock to prevent Starfleet from being annihilated.

“As the crew of Discovery deals with the fallout of Mirror Universe Lorca, they must end the war with the Klingons once and for all,” showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Halberts tease.

“Burnham is going to have to strike unexpected alliances in a mission that requires the Discovery team to take the fight directly to the Klingons. Will there be redemption for Burnham’s mutiny against Georgiou or Tyler’s attacks on Culber and Burnham? As the first season wraps up, the stakes have never been higher for the U.S.S. Discovery and we’re excited to answer many of the questions that have been asked since the first episode, as well as tease what’s to come.”

(CBS) Lt Ash Tyler/ Voq – DSC

The interviews don’t stop there, over at Vulture Shazad Latif talks about Lieutenant Ash Tyler’s Vulnerability, Sexual Assault, and That Twist.


One of Star Trek’s greatest strengths is how each show is a family in and of itself, and watching how they work together, which on Discovery is just very different because of some very interesting twists and turns. I read that you knew from the beginning that your character was actually the altered Klingon Voq from the beginning. Is that correct?

Yeah, yeah. We knew it was going to a double character.

As an actor, how do you find the humanity and the through line in a character like that, considering all the turns you know he’s gonna make?

You’ve got to learn the arc, find the arc, but you start up from Voq, you start from his story and believe everything he’s doing is right. It’s really that. Following his line into Tyler, and then I had time off with Voq, so I could focus on Tyler’s own memories, Tyler’s own arc, and then joining them together. It’s a very fun thing to do. Trying to put together a puzzle. Creating a sort of spire of two characters. Following Voq’s story from being this outcast manifests in everything he does. Following that through to the ultimate sacrifice is very high-concept, extreme stuff, which can sometimes be overplayed or it could have been melodramatic. The style of the Klingons is very operatic, classical acting in a way, so I wanted to bring in a quietness and calm to that role rather than it just being a loud, shouty Klingon.

To go back a little bit to the sexual-assault story line. The audience now knows that Tyler is really Voq in a heavily surgically transformed body, although it seems like with the surgery scene that happened with L’Rell in episode 13, maybe we can assume that Voq may not really exist anymore and the Tyler personality will dominate? But knowing that this was a personality grafted in Voq and not necessarily fully real, how do you feel that affects the sexual-assault story line?

It’s interesting because in reality Voq was just having sex. And they’re in love, and that’s what’s technically happening, but obviously in Tyler’s mind, because he is in my head, he was a real guy and his memories are real and he’s still a real person, he’s just coming through in someone else’s core being. In his mind, it’s sexual assault. So, to play it both is very weird and interesting because you don’t normally get to do that. But to explore adds another layer for an actor and for the story line. Especially in times like now, with what’s going on, it’s a very, very interesting thing to explore.


(CBS) James Frain as Sarek – DSC


Lastly, in an interview with St. Louis Post Dispatch, Sarek actor, James Frain talks about how he prepared for his role as Sarek,


To understand more about the original “Star Trek,” he watched a documentary called “For the Love of Spock,” which was made by Nimoy’s son, Adam Nimoy.

“It gave me much more insight into the series.”

As for “Discovery,” the aim is to honor the canon, he says, but give viewers something new. The current series, which streams on CBS All Access, a subscription service, includes not only a gay couple but an African-American woman as the lead.



Watch the trailer for “The War Without, The War Within”


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