A Look Back At Destination Star Trek, Birmingham 2018 – Pt 2

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Saturday 20 October 2018 – Day Two of DST

Day two of the convention started off with heading to the Excelsior stage (another of the two stages which host a whole range of free talks) to listen to Una McCormack (author of Enigma Tales, The Never Ending Sacrifice and the upcoming Discovery book all about Tilly, The Way To The Stars) and James Swallow (author of the recent Discovery book about Saru, Fear Itself among many others) talk about writing Star Trek novels, upcoming plans etc. I even got to ask them a question during the talk (there are mobile microphones so people can put their hands up and ask a question – if you’re lucky enough to be selected).

At the talk I managed to hook up with some Trekkies I interact with on twitter and meet them in person which was really nice! They included the wonderful @DrJenRows and @jillmwoodman. Jen even gave me a handmade keyring of Garak, which was so cool and incredibly kind!

Myself, @DrJenRows and @jillmwoodman

From the Excelsior stage, I headed over to meet Una McCormack and James Swallow and ask them to sign my books (Fear Itself and Enigma Tales). Was really nice talking to them both and Una was kind enough to have a photo with me. I got to tell Una how talented she is and how well she portrays the Cardassians (having recently read The Never-Ending Sacrifice, a book all about the character Rugal from DS9’s second season episode ‘Cardassians’)

Myself and Una McCormack – DST 2018

Next, I headed over to the Voyager stage to listen to Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois talk about their time on DS9. It was one of the highlights of the weekend as both Nana and Rene clearly loved their time on DS9 and are so happy to talk about their experiences and engage with fans. The talk was packed to the rafters, owing to the popularity of these two beloved Star Trek characters so it was tricky finding somewhere to sit. I squeezed my way through the crowds and searched for a seat and asked a lady if anyone was sitting in the empty chair next to her. She said no and we both realised who we each were. Low and behold it was @rvkirk who I regularly chat with over twitter about all things Trek and we were both amazed at how random it was that we’d bumped into each other! Yet again, another person who I interact with online who I got to meet and hang out with. The talk was brilliant and Nana talked about how difficult the filming schedule was and how it basically became her life, marrying one of her co-stars and having her children while playing Major (and then Colonel) Kira.

Myself and Rachel stayed where we were at the next talk on the Voyager stage was the ‘Ferengi Family Get Together’. This was a rare opportunity to see Armin Shimmerman, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg in their Ferengi make up alongside the wonderful Chase Masterson. All three of our favourite Ferengi were in full makeup and costume and their make up was impressive. Armin’s make up, in particular, was identical to how he appeared on DS9. This was, as Armin explained, due to the fact that the make up artist who did his make up on DS9 had flown over from the US do to it and both he and her had brought original prosthetic pieces. They were all hilarious and poor Max Grodenchik couldn’t hear very well as his earpieces were clearly blocking his hearing – which added to the comedy value of the talk.

“Ferengi Family Get Together” – DST 2018

After a break at Wetherspoons and catching up with some of the people that I’d met so far, I then headed to the Enterprise stage (the stage for paid talks) to see and listen to the crew of the USS Discovery recount Year 1 of Star Trek Discovery. It was so exciting to see all the cast of Discovery (Burnham, Lorca, Tilly, Stamets, Saru, Culber, Connor, L’Rell, Kol and Cornwell).

Throughout the day I saw so many fantastic cosplayers. My particular highlights were a Vorta (@minethyla), who nailed the Vorta look, a Breen, Ziyal, French resistance Neelix and B’Elanna along with a Hirogen soldier, an Enterprise crew member along with Captain Proton (my good friend @StaticWarpBubbl and her partner, Matt, who I also got to meet for the first time in person at DST) and an Andorian Borg with fully automated antennae that were moving!

Next on my to do list was my photoshoot with Andrew Robinson, who played my favourite all time Star Trek character, Garak! Andrew was really nice and got a little kick out of my Garak pin and my Cardassian logo t-shirt.

Another short break with my housemates and refuelling our deuterium tanks with a stop off at Subway, I went back to the Enterprise stage for a double dose of Kate Mulgrew, a talk followed by a photo shoot. First, a talk featuring my favourite captain, Kate Mulgrew, who was as always, charming, hilarious and engaging. Kate shared some stories of her time on Voyager and said how she still keeps in regular touch with Robert Picardo.

The photoshoot with Kate Mulgrew was great and she was a good sport – agreeing to point at my ‘The Right Way, The Wrong Way, The Janeway’ photo on my phone for the photo.

On my way to see the DS9 Documentary “What We Left Behind” -DST 2018

Then I was lucky enough to be given a ticket to see the DS9 documentary (again) by @doublemac so myself and my good friend, Rick (@TrekfanRick) headed to the Enterprise stage for the show. The room was packed and there must have been at least 1,000 people watching the screening. It was even better the second time around due to the atmosphere of watching it with so many fellow Trekkies. Many of the actors of Star Trek were in attendance, including the cast of DS9, and I was sitting only a few rows behind the likes of legends such as Nana Visitor, Casey Biggs and Terry Farrell, just to name a few. The show received a huge standing ovation from the crowd.

Finally, I finished off the evening by heading over to the Hilton hotel bar, where the parties were taking place, to have a few drinks with my fellow Trekkies. I then headed back to the house I was sharing with the 10Backward crew and we recorded an episode of 10Backward on our thoughts and highlights from the convention so far. All in all, it was an epic day 2 of the convention!


Make sure you come back to check the last part of my recap next week,

Until then, LLAP!


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