Captain Kirk Returns! Star Trek Short Treks | Review & Breakdown | SPOILERS!

Star Trek has released two new Short Trek’s and this time, they are animated! But not only are we being treated to all-new Trek animation, but they also managed to shove in a TON of little easter eggs and reference for us Trekkies, including a brief appearance by Captain Kirk!

(CBS) “Ephram and Dot” – “Short Treks”

Ephriam and DOT is centred around a wonderful time-travelling, universe-spanning, adventure between a loveable Tardigrade looking for a place to call home and a DOT 7 repair making sure that home isn’t the Enterprise!

(CBS) ” The Girl Who Made The Stars” – “Short Treks”

The Girl Who Made The Stars is a bedtime story told to a young Michael Burnham by her father about a girl in pre-historic Africa making friends with a mysterious stranger and leading her people to prosperity.

So get your comments down below about what you think of the two new Short Treks.

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