Jessie Gender - Ezri Dax is Great, Actually...

Jessie Gender – Ezri Dax is Great, Actually (A Transgender Reading)

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Jessie takes a look at the character journey of Ezri Dax from a personal trans perspective. Reflecting on the similarities in the experience of transitioning to the journey that Ezri Dax takes when she becomes a newly bonded host. From rooting yourself in the familiar, to finding support in friends, and seeing the reaction of others, the change from Jadzia to Ezri carries many trans connotations that many of us can relate to.

(CBS) Ezri Dax

Ezri is still young and only just coming into her career in Starfleet when she becomes the latest host. She has reached a part of her life where she has come to terms with who she is and worked out what she wanted. However, once she is joined, everything she knows has been changed. Jessie explores the larger themes at play and compares them to her own experiences as a young trans person to how they feel now. 

From friends, family and personal feelings, this is Ezri Dax, a transgender reading.

Jadzia Dax may hold our minds… but Ezri Dax has my heart

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Write up by Moira Daykin

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