Jessie Gender - Special Presentation - "How Slash Fiction Saved Star Trek"

Jessie Gender – Special Presentation – “How Slash Fiction Saved Star Trek”

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Slash fiction and fan fiction, in general, has always been a derided part of the fandom community. But without the pioneering efforts of many fan fiction and slash fiction writers, we wouldn’t have Star Trek or science fiction as we know it today!

Star Trek slash fiction can be found all over the internet, one only has to Google “Star Trek Slash Fiction” to see the wide range of the stuff out there. Not for the fair of heart, some of the weirdest stories out there range from Kirk being pregnant by Spock to the crew of the Enterprise reading Harry Potter. But no matter how strange these works of fan fiction are there is one thing that is a constant, the fans imaginon for using the beloved characters of this great universe.

In this Special Presentation, which features the amazing talents of Star Trek: Discovery‘s own Mary Chieffo (Mother of Klingons/Chancellor L’Rell), as well as Jessica Lynn Verdi (VO Artist/The Pop-Up Show), playing Kirk and Spock, dives into the often forgotten yet important contribution that women made to helping keep Star Trek relevant and alive to become the franchise it is today. So let’s dive into the complex relationship between slash fiction and Star Trek.

Be sure to drop a comment below and tell have you read any slash fiction and if so what was your favorite one!!

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