Star Trek: Picard Teasers & Premiere Reaction | Children Of Mars Breakdown

Star Trek: Picard is just days away from its first Season premiere and ViacomCBS continues to pump more and more promotional Data (heh)!

In today’s video, we breakdown the plot threads revealed in the “Children of Mars” “Short Trek” which was released on January 9th, 2020.

Watch the trailer for “Children of Mars”

We also do a full spread coverage on the LA (January 13th, 2020) and UK (January 15th, 2020) premiere showings of Picard

Finally we deep dive into the latest teaser released by Amazon Prime Video featuring Data and our favourite, Jean-Luc Picard!

Toss a coin to you Picard, oh valley of plenty… But really, what do you guys think about the latest teaser? And what’s the deal with those Romulans attacking Mars?

Drop your comments below and get the discussion started…

Watch Ketwolskis new video below

Watch the trailer for Star Trek: Picard