Truth OR Myth- Error, Error, Mistakes! Star Trek: TNG (Part 3)

Hello and welcome or Truth OR Myth! In today’s episode, we’re taking a fun and fast look at the mistakes made in Episodes 12-16 of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1. It should be noted that only canon (or Facts) will be looked at in this video. So explanations outside of canon such as comics, books, video games or your Aunt Betty aren’t valid sources to explain away the mistakes… Nor are explanations from the real world, these are IN UNIVERSE mistakes, so IN UNIVERSE explanations are the only ones that can be accepted… So with that let’s begin…

Well, here we are again. It’s been a long road, since the last Mistakes Video. I’ve simply had too much to say about other things to return to this series before now. However, people have been asking for more so here we are!

The Big Goodbye:

Why after Picard exits the Holodeck after his first visit does the lipstick kiss mark remain on his cheek? This is one of the MANY Holodeck inconsistencies!

If Data does all the research on the time period this takes place in, AND reads all the Dixon Hill novels, why is he so confused about turning on a lamp. Should he know about plugging things in? Haven’t we seen various instances where things are plugged in on the Enterprise D?

One of the ways to keep a person from going in to shock with blood loss is to keep the patient warm, any first aid class will tell you that. So then why did it take Dr Crusher SO long to cover Whalen? Was she just caught up in the moment and forget all her medical training? Especially considering she tells Picard this very thing in “the Arsenal of Freedom…”

Why didn’t Riker simply beam Picard and his company out of the Holodeck?

Watch the Blanket on Whalen when Wesley is trying to get the Holodeck doors open. Specifically, the scene where the holo-environment changes from the Dixon Hill Story to a Winter Storm. The Blanket on Whalen moves up and down!

Why when Wesley and the others finally get the doors open does no one go into the Holodeck to See if Picard and company are ok? or at least inform him of what’s happened?

Picard of season 1 is VERY unemotional, so why does this Picard stay so long to have a conversation with a computer-generated Holodeck character? Are we to believe that in the few hours they were together Picard bonded with this man and was worried about his computer-generated feelings? Completely out of character.

Red Alert! Another Holodeck discrepancy here! Why, when the big bad gangster leaves the Holodeck does he slowly fade away? We see in future episode and series such as Voyager, that stepping beyond the boundaries of the holo-emitters causes the object or person to immediately disappear…


Would a 24th Century Starfleet officer really use Bogey to describe an incoming object?

And speaking of that scene, LaForge also says it’s coming in at 5 O’Clock tangent, does that make sense? 5 O’clock tangent seems very inaccurate to use considering this episode explains the 3d Nature of Space to the audience!

So we have a Lore problem here, see what I did there? Anyhow, Lore convinces the Captain to demonstrate the Enterprises Power by destroying a freshly beamed out Tree in front of the Crystalline Entity. Lore also contacts the Entity and tells it to attack the Enterprise the moment the shields dropped, that was his whole plan after all! So why then when Lore is beamed out doesn’t the Crystalline Entity attack the ship? The shields MUST have been down to allow for transport after all right?

One of Data’s last lines in the show is, “I’m fine,” I’m fine? What happened to not being able to use contractions? See the Off Spring

Angel One:

When describing this planet, Data says the planet’s development is that of mid 20th Century Earth. So thinking back 5 decades did we have anything like a disintegration beam? I mean that’s pretty sophisticated isn’t? To have a device that not only destroys the object but has no repercussions for those around that said device?

In this episode, Picard orders LaForge to break fixed orbit of the Planet. The problem here is the exterior shots do not support the fact that the Enterprise is in a fixed orbit. Remember, a fixed orbit is one where the object, in this case, the Enterprise, remains above a certain fixed point on the planet. But in all exterior shots, we see the planet rotating one way, while the Enterprise travels another!

In the episode the Battle, Dr Crusher makes it a big point to say how humans no longer suffer from things like the common cold, then what the deal with the virus in this episode? It sure looks like a bad cold to me!

Watch the away team as they beam to Odin’s Camp. In the first shot Yars hands are behind her back, when she materializes at the camp however, her arms are suddenly at her side.


During the evacuation of the Enterprise, we get scenes of various crewmen and civilians leaving the ship. Yet in the scene with Wesley beaming out with some other children why is there a transporter pad free? Shouldn’t they all be filled? Especially with a lineup?

When the Enterprise is being stolen, Yar makes an attempt to get to a transporter room. The Commander of Starbase 74 stops her and tells her it’s too late, then we see about 30 seconds of the Enterprise leaving before going warp. How is it too late exactly? Why could they just call for a site to site transport? They sure had plenty of time!

Watch Minuet when Picard and Riker leave the Holodeck. She freezes in a position looking at them, the next shot, however, she’s looking ahead.

Why does the auto-destruct panel use LED’s exactly and not 24th Century Panels?

The auto-destruct timer is actually not that reliable in this episode either. During these scenes, we get various shots of the timer inter-cut with dialogue… If you count down the seconds during the dialogue you’ll find the timer does not display the correct time at all! I know nitpicky right? But that’s what we are here for!

When Picard and Riker head to the turbolift on Deck 36 to get the bridge a panel beside the turbolift says Bridge access denied. How exactly did the turbolift know their destination was the bridge and not, let’s say 10 forward? Wouldn’t a better line have been turbolift systems offline?

If you watch the computer trying to figure out the Bynars password on the bridges monitor you’ll see a discrepancy. Not only does it try only a few combinations, but frame by frame analysis reveals it repeats 2 of the ones it already tried in the process.

So they Bynars Big Plan was to steal the Enterprise and kidnap Riker so he could save their homeworld. it’s a great plan with one big flaw, however. The Bynars work in pairs. So how exactly, if fortunate happenstance, Picard going on to the Holodeck, hadn’t have happened did they intend to have Riker save their world?

Too Short A Season:

Watch Picards face as he and Riker head to meet Jameson. For so reason Picards face contorts for no apparent reason, what happened there Jean-Luc?

As we know from episodes like Lonely Among Us. Picard can be relieved of duty if various requirements are met. One of them is Dr Crusher can relieve him if he is medically unfit. So why can’t she relieve the Admiral in this episode? Wouldn’t this situation qualify as medically unfit? After all, this de-aging effect could have tons of unforeseen consequences on a humans brain, right?

The stars through the windows of Picard’s ready room are going the wrong in this episode, again see most other episodes, but specifically “Lonely Among Us”

In fact, why didn’t Picard relieve him and have him arrested after he admitted to a direct and serious violation of the Prime Directive?

This is an amazing if slightly selective de-ageing drug. In this episode, we see Jameson de-aging and the drug even repairs his wrinkly skin. Dr Crusher notes it’s rewriting him at the cellular level. Why then would it leave a scar on him? Especially considering that Jameson shows said scar, a scar he got in his 40s when he appears to be in his 20s…


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