Truth OR Myth – Error, Error, Mistakes! Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Hello and Welcome to Truth Or Myth, in Today’s episode we take a fun and fast look at the mistakes made in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Please note, the version of this movie I’m picking apart is the version most recently released on BluRay. Also, this series looks at only in-universe CANON explanations for its answers, so novels, comics or games aren’t valid sources to explain away the mistakes. So with that, let us begin…

One of the major nitpicks with this movie is with the Enterprise herself. At the End of Star Trek IV, we see a bright white bridge interior with consoles that are smooth-faced but look like the ones in the previous 3 movies. However in this movie suddenly the interior is beige based in colour and look more like the original series in that all the consoles are connected around the bridge. So what exactly happened between the films? As a side note, the real reason for these changes was simple neglect. The bridge sets from Star Trek IV were left outside during a rainstorm and were completely destroyed so a new, changed, set was built.

(Paramount) Starfleet Chief of Staff in “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” played by the late Harve Benett

This movie suffers from the same illogical plot devices that we’ve seen in previous movies. The Admiral tells Kirk he needs Jim Kirk to take on this mission to rescue the hostages from Nimbus 3, since apparently n,o other Starfleet Captain could deal with it. Ok, I can accept that Starfleet wants that. However, why send Kirk on the Enterprise? The Enterprise herself is in really bad shape, so much so that even half the doors wont open, does that seem like a good ship to send on this mission? Especially since the Excelsior is in Spacedock right beside the Enterprise, or at the very least there MUST be another Starship in interception range of the Enterprise that Kirk could take command of.

And to top it all off the Enterprise has only a skeleton crew… Why? Couldn’t they have borrowed officers from the Excelsior to fill the crew up temporarily?

How exactly does Spock’s rocket boots work? They seem to defy the laws of physics in this movie. The have rockets on the bottom yet seem to be able to hold a person upside down…

Also, watch Kirk, you can see the wires they used to hang him from…

During the “marshmallow” scene watch the “marshmallow” sticks as they jump around all through out the scene.

Starfleet must not have much faith in it’s log recorder book. A rather large screen on the book itself is etched with a system failure notice… Does this happen a LOT?

Why does Sybok imprison the hostages in a place where they could easily have been beamed out of? After all, couldn’t a normally fully functional Starship have pin pointed the hostages life signs and simply beamed them up?

(Paramount) “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” Uhura’s famous fan dance

Where exactly did Uhura pull out the palm ferns from to do her naked sand dance?

Remember how the Admiral said he needed Jim Kirk for this mission? Well, Kirk doesn’t show the reason why in this movie. While on the planet why doesn’t Kirk order wide stun during the rescue seen? See Return of the Archons.

When the Klingons are closing on the Enterprise Klaa orders his ship to impulse power. Yet the outside space shot shows the ship stays at warp.

During the Shuttle crash scene watch the Shuttlebay doors. One angle shows they’re closed, the suddenly they’re wide open.

After outwitting the Klingons Kirk and Sybok have a fight in the Shuttlebay. During the scuffle, Spock picks up the peddle gun and Kirk orders him to fire the gun, Spock however does not. The later Spock explains if he had Sybok would be dead. How exactly is that true? Sure he may have died without medial attentional but where Spock would have shot him was where the human heart resides. Assuming the peddle gun would pierce through to a human heart then yes, that person would die. However Sybok is a Vulcan and Vulcan hearts are on the left wall of the chest cavity, see Mudd’s Women and A Private Little War…

(Paramount) Kirk, Spock & McCoy “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”

Another Enterprise nitpick here. Suddenly the decks are numbered, not lettered like the previous films. And appear to be numbered from the bottom of the ship to the top of the ship. It also seems that the brig is on the bottom of the secondary hull, Deck 1, and the bridge is on deck 78. That’s right suddenly not only can you get from the secondary hull to the bridge in the saucer section without any horizontal tubes, but the Enterprise has 78 decks. Even though if you count the windows on the outside this could not be true. Maybe they Starfleet borrowed the bigger on the inside tech from Star Trek Enterprise.

Also, the rocketing up scene is screwy. Watch the deck numbers as the propel up through the shaft. The numbers do go in succession and repeat themselves…

How exactly did the Enterprise get to the center of the galaxy so quickly? In less then a day she got from Earth to Nimbus 3 to The Galactic Center, that’s amazing, especially considering that Voyager was originally going to take 75 years to get home. It should have only took Janeway at Most a week to do that according to this movie…

When “God” took control of the Shuttlecraft why did he park it so far away from where he would appear? Is that logical? Or maybe he just has a flare for the dramatics!

During the long walk to go see “God,” Kirk and crews images are transmitted to the Enterprise, but who exactly is sending these images? If it’s “god” himself then why does no one comment on that? If it’s some tech why don’t we see anyone activating it? And NEVER one does the audience see said tech in long shots…

When Kirk questions “God” about wanting a starship, God Lashes out and Kirk is hit with a bolt of energy. Why isn’t Kirk dead? If you look at Kirks uniform both the front and the back are singed, this would have killed him instantly…. Maybe he IS “God…”

(Paramount) ‘What Does GOD Need With a Starship’, “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”

Speaking of “God,” who exactly imprisoned him there? Perhaps the beings from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Nth Degree?”

Photon Torpedoes must not be as destructive as we have always been lead to believe. Have fired directly at “God’s” house there are still pillars standing and Kirk and crew are just fine even though they’re close by. Shouldn’t Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the “God Pillars” have been incinerated and only a deep hole be left in their place?

The Enterprise A’s transporter room looks familiar doesn’t it? I guess transporters haven’t advanced that much since they appear very similar to the transporter rooms on the Enterprise D…

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