Truth OR Myth? Starfleet Starships- The Constitution Class (Kelvin Timeline)

Hello and Welcome to Truth Or Myth. In today’s episode, we’re taking a look at the Kelvin Constitution Class of Starship to better understand this classes place in Star Trek History…

A Breakthrough in Every way, the Constitution Class would quickly become the most beautiful backbone starship of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets…

To understand where this class came from and how it came to exist we need to look at the events that occurred in 2233 surrounding the USS Kelvin while on a standard patrol mission near the border to the Klingon Empire.

(Paramount) The U.S.S. Kelvin – “Star Trek 2009”

Suddenly without warning what appeared to be a lightning storm in space suddenly formed ahead of the Kelvin and a ship began to emerge. This ship, known as the Narada was a Romulan Vessel from far into the future, a future where Romulus had been destroyed when a nearby star known as the Hobus Star went Supernova unexpectedly.

In an attempt to stop the destruction this Nova had caused, Ambassador Spock created a Black Hole using a substance known as Red Matter and both his vessel and Narada were caught in the Gravitational Pull of the Black Hole and subsequently emerged 154 years in Starfleet’s past.

Starfleet scientists theorized that this time travel created an entirely new universe that runs parallel to the original Prime Timeline.

Once in the past, the Narada Proceeded on a course of events that would radically alter this new timeline in a way that no one could have predicted.

The USS Kelvin, Under the Command of Captain Richard Robau, was attacked by the advanced weapons the Narada contained and was almost destroyed. The attack stopped, however, to allow the Kelvins Captain to turn himself over for questioning on the Narada by it’s Captain known as Nero.

Once on board, Robau was killed and the First Officer of the Kelvin, George Kirk would end up using the Kelvin as a weapon, ramming the ship into the Narada which allowed for his wife, newborn son and the rest of the kelvins surviving crew to escape back to the Starfleet.

(Paramount) The Narada – “Star Trek 2009”

Detailed scans of the Narada, however, were also brought back to Starfleet, and Starfleet fearing the destructive power of this vessel immediately began scientific study based on the scans and ultimately would design an entirely new starship class based on the technology they had developed from the scans. This would become known as the Constitution Class.

Launched in the Early 2250s this starship classes size was immense. Sitting at 762 meters in length this was the largest starship ever built by Starfleet up to this time, being twice the length of the originally intended Constitution Class design and crewed by over 1, 100 Officers and men.

This ship would also be one of the sleekest designs created by Starfleet, both outside and inside the vessel herself. One of the most amazing breakthroughs contained within this design was that of the transwarp drive breakthrough. This meant that Starfleet vessels could now travel at extremely fast velocities when compared to other galactic powers of the time.

Under normal Warp Speeds, a trip to the planet Vulcan at warp factor 8 would take approximately 12 days for any starship to reach the System. But at transwarp, the same trip could be taken in 5 minutes. A major and impressive upgrade that would be implemented fleet wide.

(Paramount) The Enterprise Fires Phasers “Star Trek 2009”

This ship was also better armed then originally intended. Beginning with 6 Phaser banks, each with twin phaser turret emitters, this would quickly be upgraded to 12 Phaser banks with 24 phaser turrets total.

These phasers could be used to assault an enemy target or even as a point defence system against enemy weapons.

The main photon torpedo launcher was moved from it’s intended spot in the saucer section to that of the neck connecting the primary and secondary hulls. And the new launching system could hold up to 12 torpedoes at any given time to allow for rapid firing. Additionally, a ventral aft torpedo launcher was added on the underside midsection of the secondary hull.

Another advantage of the new launcher system was that in the event of war, the launcher could be easily adapted for larger more advanced torpedo weapons systems including the newly invented long-range torpedoes.

This class was equipped with Metaphasic shielding for starship defence. Shielding was divided into bow and aft deflectors. This ship could also separate its saucer section from the rest of the ship. this would allow the saucer to act as a large lifeboat in the event of a Warp Core breach or another catastrophe.

This class also contained several personal escape pods to be used in the event that the entire ship was to be evacuated.

(Paramount) Enterprise Main Bridge – “Star Trek 2009”

The main Bridge was located on Deck 1 and was rather large for a bridge of its time period. In its centre was the Captain’s chair. With Helm and Navigation directly in front of the Captain. other consoles such as communications, Science and Engineering surrounded the captain on the outer wall.

On the forward bulkhead was a large window which also functioned as the ships main viewing screen.

Most consoles in this class design also featured the new flat screen touch panels, removing the need for bulky static buttons and allowed reconfiguration of any panel at a moments notice.

Main Engineering was almost the exact opposite in feeling of that of the main bridge. The entire section was dominated by machinery required to keep the vessel operational. Conduits, pipes, wiring and even tanks were fully exposed, while catwalks were used to span the spaces over this machinery.

(Paramount) Enterprise Sick Bay – “Star Trek 2009”

Sickbay, also known as med bay, was located in the saucer section and was a grand complex capable of handling any medical emergency whether on ship or planetside.

Meanwhile advances in transporter technology made this classes transporter system one of the best ever created, required it’s operator to be behind a glass shield for protection.

Recreational facilities aboard the ship were standard for the time. This included large rooms to allow crew members to congregate, enjoy a meal or play various games with fellow crew members.

The most advanced starship of this class the USS Enterprise was the flagship of the federation. Captained by James T Kirk, the Enterprise would make its mark on Starfleet and the United Federation Of Planets after participating in many notable missions.

In fact, the Enterprise and her crew would be successful in stopping the aforementioned Nero from destroying the planet Earth as he had destroyed the planet Vulcan.

(Paramount) Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan – “Star Trek: Into Darkness”

The Enterprise would also stop Khan Noonian Singh from carrying out various terroristic plans though it would be badly damaged in the attempt requiring an extended stay in dry dock while repairs, changes and upgrades were completed.

In 2263 the Enterprise herself, however, would come to an untimely end. Tricked into travelling into a star system with drones controlled by a man named Krall, the enterprise would be torn apart and her crew captured while Krall planned the annihilation of the Entire Federation.

James T Kirk would risk everything in an effort to stop this mad man and would ultimately be successful. The Enterprise, however, could not be salvaged.

A newer and sleeker Constitution Class design being constructed at Starbase Yorktown would the be re-designated the Enterprise with a registry of NCC-1701-A, and James T Kirk and his crew would continue to travel the cosmos, boldly going where no one had gone before.

Though the exact influence the Narada’s trip to the past had on Starfleet and the possible changes in the alternate timeline is unknown, it is believed to be immense. The technological breakthroughs alone had placed Starfleet as the most advanced race in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

(Paramount) The Refit USS Enterprise A – “Star Trek: Beyond”

The sheer size and ability of the fleet to travel anywhere within the milky way galaxy in a very short time frame has put many of the other powers within the quadrants on edge and Starfleet itself believes a war between some of them may be imminent. though presently a state of tentative peace has been established.

Whatever the future holds one thing is clear, this design revolutionized Starfleet. Elegant and sleek in design, the Constitution Class would become the most coveted Starship Class in Starfleet History.

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