WDIM? Rumour: Will The Next Movie Have A Female Lead?

WDIM? Rumour: Will The Next Movie Have A Female Lead?

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Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, where today I thought I would take a look at another Star Trek rumour which if you do follow this channel you know that this is something I like to do.  Usually what I do is examine the rumour, the source, and the plausibility of the information in a segment I call Data or Lore, which of course references the two characters played by Brent Spiner on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Picard as well as the movies.

But as always let me know in the comments what you think about it.  If this is your first time here, my name is Eric and if you want weekly sci-fi news videos please hit that subscribe button and the bell, so YouTube will let you know as soon as new videos come out.  Also, don’t forget to hit that like button which helps a small channel like this get our videos out to more people. 

Data Lore
(CBS) Data / Lore

This edition of Data or Lore centres around a rumour released by scooper Daniel Richtman, who I have referenced on this channel before.  There are a lot of supposed “scoopers” out there online, but this one is one of the few that have a very good track record in regard to the information released. 

Just recently, he was correct about not only the day that a new trailer would be released for the Venom sequel but also the new trailer that Marvel released a week before that.  He simply states that Paramount wants a female-led movie.  Now, he doesn’t give any other details connected to this so we do not know if this is the movie that was already announced or a future movie after it.  Star Trek has had as many as five different movie projects in some state of production since Star Trek: Beyond was released. 

So this rumour could be tied to any one of them as well.  While there isn’t a lot to go on, if we examine the current climate of the new Star Trek productions, you can see that this may in fact be a movie that comes to fruition.

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