What Did I Miss? - Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One Best Moments!!

WDIM? – Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One’s Best Moments!!

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Hello and Welcome to What Did I Miss, where today I am looking back on the first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks and pointing out my Top 10 Spoiler-Free Easter Eggs used this season.  Before I get started, let me know in the comments what your favourite references were that you noticed in the first season.  I am trying to keep my list as spoiler-free as possible by listing events that occurred but not within the context of the episode.  Probably more so than any other iteration of Star Trek, the first season of Lower Decks was filled with callbacks and references to past events, people and places that occurred within the franchise’s storied history. 

Taking place after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation put the crew of the Cerritos in a familiar environment while adding changes you would expect to see from a new show.  But the many references that show up in each episode are really what made the fans’ hearts sore and become followers of this show early on.  Here, I will go over some of my favourite moments but if you have seen the season, I also recommend watching my playlist that goes over each episode. 

(CBS) Q Appears In “Veritas”

Everyone has their favourite villains in Star Trek, and even though he is not a villain in the most conventional sense Q is definitely one of my favourites of all time.  Luckily for us, but maybe not so much for the crew of the Cerrito’s, Q shows up in one episode to briefly torment the crew while also making a few references to his beloved Mon Capitan.  Although his appearance is brief, it does establish that he has a relationship with this new crew which may mean that we could see Q popping up again in future episodes.  The best part of this inclusion of the character was that John De Lancie, who played him on the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine as well as Voyager voiced him again on Lower Decks, making him the only non-cast member to have appeared in 4 different Star Trek series.  Honestly, I doubt anyone else could have voiced the character since he is so well known to fans of Star Trek.  

Speaking of hearing voices….

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