Star Trek: Online – Awakening

Coming to Star Trek: Online on September 10th is the latest instalment of the long-running Star Trek MMO with the launch of “Star Trek: Online – Awakening”

The multi-part, expansion-over-time that began with “Age of Discovery” and ended with “Rise of Discovery”. With the completion of “Age Of Discovery” the game now shifts focus back to its home time frame of 2410.

With the latest update, players will be travelling back into the mycelial network with non-other than Paul Stamets himself. Discovery Actor Anthony Rapp is joining the cast of the game as his Discovery alter ego, but with a twist…

Rapp will not be portraying his Discovery character but rather an updated holographic representation of himself.

(CBS/PWE/Cryptic) Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets

From the release blog on STO’s website:

Captains must now follow this ruthless Klingon matriarch back to the 25th century to ensure she doesn’t corrupt the entire Mycelial Network in pursuit of her own dangerous agenda. Unfortunately, the insurmountable threat J’Ula poses to the universe also draws out the Elachi, who fear her actions will lead to the destruction of their home planet – and they will stop at nothing to protect it. In order to complete their mission, Captains must rely on the help of an astromycologist expert, a sentient hologram of the legendary Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets from the U.S.S. Discovery to help them track down J’Ula and repair the tears she’s caused in the fabric of space.

Along with the addition of Rapp, the new expansion will see a revamp to patrols, each patrol will be a sort of mini TFO they will last around eight minutes and have interesting mechanics, they will also be easier to find and easier to play.

There will be a “Mycelial Event” which will feature a new TFO, and playing any combination of Patrols and the new TFO will advance you in the event. which will allow you to earn a new T6 Elachi ship.

The new event will last roughly as long as a Summer/Winter event.


This weekend at Star Trek Las Vegas, Star Trek: online also released its schedule for the next six months. So if you want to what the next six months of STO looks like Well, look no further, the roadmap is available below!

Awakening launches September 10th for PC and is due in October on Xbox and PS4