Review – Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 Polar Lights 18″ Model

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Since she first graced the screen at the end of season one of Star Trek: Discovery, model enthusiasts have been waiting for a styrene rendition of the redesigned U.S.S. Enterprise.

Last year, Polar Lights released their first go at a kit in 1:2500 scale.

This summer, modellers are rejoicing as a new 1:1000 kit prepares to ship to stores. In addition to the main kit, a lighting kit and Aztek decals are available to make the model, coming in around 18 inches in length, a true centrepiece of a modelling collection.

The folks at Polar Lights were kind enough to send Treksphere a kit to review, and so we are thrilled to bring you the first in a series of videos detailing the build. Today, we crack open the boxes, take a look inside, and compare the new release to an iconic classic kit.

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