What Did I Miss? – Discovery S3 Ep11 “Su'Kal” Breakdown & Things You Missed...

What Did I Miss? – Discovery S3 Ep11 “Su’Kal” Breakdown & Things You Missed…

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Hey everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, where today I am breaking down the Burn theory shattering episode “Su’Kal”, which is the eleventh episode of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery

It appears that we now know the source of the Burn catastrophe, that crippled most of the galaxy and has made villainous characters like Osyraa (Janet Kidder) that much more powerful, and who becomes a much greater threat to the crew in this episode.  Many crew members got to take a step out of there, normal skin, and it led to some tense and powerful moments for them as they tried to navigate through their ordeal.  One of my favourite parts of the episode was how it once again drove home the theme of connection that has been prevalent throughout season 3. 

(CBS) (Bill Irwin) Su’Kal

But this week I think they led it a little closer to home by not only showing us, for the second week in a row, what the power of a Mother’s love can do but also how our connections to our partners, family and culture can also compromise our focus.  I thought it was a beautiful and dark episode and can’t wait to continue my praise of the aesthetic throughout this video once I get into the spoiler section.  

But join me here as I break down all the easter eggs and references in this episode. I will be putting out a video in a couple of days in which I play the trailer and discuss, so be sure to like, subscribe and hit the bell so you are not left asking, What Did I Miss?

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