WDIM? - Star Trek: Prodigy Main Cast Reveal

WDIM? – Star Trek: Prodigy Main Cast Reveal

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, where today I will be sharing with you the voice cast and character details for the brand new animated series Star Trek: Prodigy, set to debut sometime in 2021. 

It was almost exactly a month ago that star Kate Mulgrew, who will be reprising her role as Captain Kathryn Janeway for the series, revealed the plot of the series as well as her place in the show.  I released a video around that time about what was said, but it seems that on Prodigy we will see a group of children from the Delta Quadrant that are imprisoned together. 

Janeway Prodigy
(Paramount+) Janeway Returns

When they figure out a way to escape, they come across a still unidentified ship that happens to contain a hologram of Captain Janeway, who is able to help them escape as well as send them on their journey.  About a month before that Paramount released an image of the main animated characters, but they did not release the voice actors behind them or any other details, such as their species. 

Well now we know not only who these young additions to the franchise are, but also the talented and diverse voice cast behind them as well as some details about each character.  Here I will share these details and give you some background on the voice actors as well as some other aspects of each character, while also throwing out some theories about how they are connected to the show. 

Star Trek Prodigy
(CBS) The Crew Of Prodigy

As always, I would love to hear your theories as well so let me know in the comments what you think of the cast and if you are excited about the show.  Also, if you are a subscriber I am giving away a free Blu-ray copy of the first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks, so be sure to like and comment on the video to be entered. 

I briefly went over some specifics about the show, but in case you are not aware of Star Trek Prodigy, this is the official synopsis released by Paramount;

“[Prodigy] will follow a motley crew of young aliens who must figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search for a better future. These six young outcasts know nothing about the ship they have commandeered – a first in the history of the Star Trek Franchise – but over the course of their adventures together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents.”

The cast is as follows…

  • Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui) “a Brikar and an unusually bright eight-year-old girl. Rok is a bit shy, but not when it comes to her love for animals.” (Note: this is the Rock-looking character.)
  • Dal (Brett Gray) “17 years old and an unknown species, he fancies himself a maverick, who even in the toughest times, holds strong onto his unwavering hope.”
  • Zero (Angus Imrie) “is a Medusan: a noncorporeal, genderless, energy-based lifeform. Since others would go mad at the sight of their true self, Zero wears a containment suit they made themselves to protect others.” (We’ll come back to this in a second!)
  • Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzouka) “a 16-year-old Tellarite. Tellarites are known to relish an argument, and Jankom is no different. Regardless of opinion, he will always play ‘devil’s advocate’ for the sake of hearing all sides.” 
  • Gwyn (Ella Purnell) “a 17-year-old Vau N’Akat who was raised on her father’s bleak mining planet and grew up dreaming to explore the stars.”
  • Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) “age and species is unknown but who is an endearing, indestructible blob with curiously good timing and an insatiable appetite for ship parts.”
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