What Did I Miss? – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Best One-Off Characters

What Did I Miss? – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Best One-Off Characters

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Hey Everyone and Welcome Back to What Did I Miss, where today I am continuing my series of creating videos about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and sharing with you my top 5 Most Memorable, One-Off characters to appear on the series. 

To be clear, a one-off character is one that is played only once by an actor never to be seen on screen again, and while these characters did not stay with us long they each made a lasting impression in the time they were given.  But as someone once said, “A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts”, and each of these actors and actresses created a performance that grabbed the imaginations of the audience and pushed our beloved characters to new depths, and while I did not do this by design, it turns out that each of the characters on this list affects a specific cast member in a way that will be with them for the duration of the series at least and acts as a catalyst for allowing each character to evolve.  

(CBS) Ee’char – DS9 “Hard Time”

Here, I will go over each character as well as the episode that they were involved with and how they affected the landscape of the show going forward.  These are also just my favourite, so let me know in the comments who your favourite one-off characters are, and maybe if this video gets enough views, likes and comments I will do a companion one in the future.  Also, I have many other videos about Star Trek and Deep Space Nine, in particular, so be sure to check those out after this video and hit the subscribe bell for future videos like those as well as Star Trek News. 

So here they are, the 5 Most Memorable One-Off Characters on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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