What Did I Miss? – Discovery S3 Ep13 “That Hope Is You Pt2” Breakdown & Things You Missed…

What Did I Miss? – Discovery S3 Ep13 “That Hope Is You Pt2” Breakdown & Things You Missed…

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss?, once again I am your host Plain and Simple Eric. 

Well, we made it!  Not only did we survive 2020, and everyone should take a look in the mirror and be happy about that, but we also got through the third season of Discovery and finally know the full cause of the Burn and Discovery’s place in this new future, after the action-packed season finale, “That Hope is You, Part 2”.  This also marks the end of 23 straight weeks of new Star Trek episodes that started with the series premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks, which was also the first week of this YouTube channel’s existence. 

(CBS) Su’Kal

This episode of Discovery was a true companion episode to the first part of the episode, which was also the season premiere and started the thematic vision of the season which was the connection we feel with others and the world outside, and how it has been affected by recent world events.   It also served as a conclusion to the season as it included a final showdown with the season’s villain Osyraa (Janet Kidder) and the Emerald Chain, but also put a face and history to the cause of the Burn that I will discuss after the weekly spoiler warning.  

Join me here as I break down all the easter eggs and references in this episode. I thought the end of the episode did leave open some interesting possibilities that I will go into in this video but will also be putting into a Season 4 Discovery theory video that I will release next week. 

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